Our wines

We have a number of different wines. On this page we provide information about two of them, Lagareño y Condado de Urbión.

Lagareño Crianza Tinto

Red wine. Variety: 100% Tempranillo.

Preparation: 14 months in French oak barrels.

View: Cherry red, violet, middle layer, clean and bright.

Nose: Notes of raspberry blackberry with nuances of vanilla and steal.

Taste: A silky texture, refreshing acidity and fine tannins leading to a taste of sweet spices and coffee. Check soft red fruit and hints of forest.

Food: Red meat, game, cheese…

Temperature: Between 16ºC and 18ºC.

13% VOL – 750 ML


Lagareño Cosechero Rosado de Aguja

Rosé sparkling wine.

Preparation: carbonic maceration and controlled fermentation.

View: Rosa raspberry with hints of currant.

Nose: Clean and complex highlighting berries, vegetables elegant nuances.

Taste: Good balance, fleshiness and complexity of flavors.

Food: Rice, pasta, mushrooms,…

Temperature: Between 6°C and 8°C.

12,5% VOL750 ML


Lagareño Cosechero Blanco de Aguja

White sparkling wine.

View: Pale yellow with gold trim.

Nose: Fresh and fruity aromas florares. Green apple, subtle, elegant, good power.

Taste: It has good balance, body, and lively acidity makes it fresh. Step round and smooth, well balanced. Persistent aftertaste, intense and fruity with light touches of mountain herbs.

Food: Seafood, fish, rice.

Preparation: Controlled fermentation and carbonic maceration.

Temperature: Between 6°C and 8ºC.

12% VOL – 750 ML


Condado de Urbión Tinto

Red wine. 100% Tempranillo.

Preparation: Selection of grapes in the optimum moment followed by maceration and fermentation temperature control.

View: Intense red with violet blue.

Nose: Predominant aromas of berries, red, on a floral background and balsamic touches.

Taste: Its structure and balance with a soft sediment, intense and pleasant. Long and intense aftertaste.

Food: Red meats, game, cheeses.

Temperature: Between 10ºC and 12ºC.

13% VOL – 750 ML


Condado de Urbión Rosado de Aguja

Rosé sparkling wine.

Preparation: Selection of grapes. Carbonic maceration and controlled fermentation.

View: Salmon pink with red and purple, looks clean and bright.

Nose: We offers red fruit aromas reminiscent of raspberries and wild strawberries.

Taste: Surprisingly structure, mouth tasty and potent. Harmonious and round, its amplitude remains intensely after gone through mouth, which shows a floral aftertaste.

Variety: Tempranillo 100%

Temperature: Between 5ºC and y 6ºC.

12,5 % VOL750 ML


Condado de Urbión Blanco de Aguja

White sparkling wine.

View: Pale yellow with green highlights. Clean and bright.

Nose: Floral aromas accompanied happen with tropical fruit aromas with hints of pineapple. Invites recreate in the long glass.

Palate: The palate is structured body, which harmonizes the acidity and alcohol. Your Natural needle gives a point of wealth thin, long and consistent mouth.

Preparation: Carbonic maceration with a selection of grapes, fermentation controlled.

Food: Seafood and fish.

Variety: 100% Airen

Temperature: Between 6ºC and 8º C.

12% VOL750 ML